Our History

A Rich History Over 100 Years

Morley-Murphy Hardware Company was organized in September 1904. The storied history of the company is a testament to our shareholders support, our management foresight and our employees commitment. It is with great pride that we are able to share this history.

Originally, we began selling hardware and related lines to the retailers of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Unlike most of the wholesale hardware distributors now in operation, who had their beginnings as an out growth of the retail business, Morley-Murphy Company was specially organized to do business as a wholesale distributor. Our early catalogs offered the modern products of the day including gas fueled irons for mom and coal heaters for your carriage, sleigh and, for the affluent customer, their automobile!

Deliveries were made by horse drawn carriages. Salesmen expense reports included reimbursements for train tickets, as this was the most efficient mode of travel at the time. From these humble beginnings the business grew and expanded.

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